Jimmy Wyble

This is another name I'd never heard of till I started exploring forums - and another name associated with a particular method of linking harmony and fretboard exploration. There doesn't seem to be much video of Jimmy playing on Youtube but the few videos I can find reveal a sparse style - less chord-melody (with full block chords) and more contrapuntal melody and moving bass line.

David Oakes' site has some great Jimmy Wyble resources - I particularly found interesting the Two Line primer but apparently the real way to get the concepts under your fingers is to play Jimmy's etudes - Oakes has six etudes along with sound samples and a detailed walkthrough of Etudes 1 and 3 that is really excellent. Cool stuff - you can also purchase Jimmy's Art of Two-Line Improvisation from Amazon.

I actually really like his sound and will definitely be visiting the Etudes at some point in the future.