Robert Conti

Ok - this is probably the most commercial of the artists I'm pointing to - Conti has over 30 DVD/Books for sale covering Chord Melody, solo line construction, and various styles of Jazz and Jazz influenced music. You can check it all out at

To start my Chord Melody education I purchased the book/dvd Chord Melody Assembly Line - although I bought it via Robert is obviously a virtuoso jazzman across a variety of styles - I was struck by this video taken at NAMM - blues/jazz over the changes to What a Wonderful World

I'm more interested in solo guitar than in lightning quick solo lines - but Conti's Source Code series has a reputation on the forums I surfed as being a good intro to Chord Melody if perhaps a little formulaic. To be honest that's just what I was looking for - something straightforward to get me started. You can see an example of a fairly straightforward chord melody arrangement in the video - and if you go to you can get a pdf of the arrangement.