Other Resources

I've actually been amazed at the vast amounts of resources available in the form of advice, arrangements, mp3's and videos. There are tons of player sites that generously provide articles/lessons, transcriptions and sound samples. In particular I like:


The forum at www.jazzguitar.be is insanely good - the Chord Melody topic has hundreds of sample arrangements posted by forum users. In addition it has a free lessons and licks, jazz guitarist bio/profiles, and mp3s, transcriptions, tons of reviews - in short this is a gold mine of jazz guitar resources. Seriously - don't forget to check out the forums!


Also worthwhile is www.jazzguitarlessons.net - it has a nice collection of free video lessons, player bios with lessons "in-the-style-of" and sample sound clips, jazz chord charts, scale and harmony articles and reviews of some Jazz Method books. I enjoyed browsing through the Jazz Standards sections with the wide range of listening suggestions for different takes on these classic pieces. Bookmark this site and return often.


A ton of high quality fingerstyle arrangements in a variety of formats (usually at lease midi and tab). I've played some Yves Keroas arrangements before but acousticfingerstyle.com introduced me to the arranging talents of Bruce Mock and Paul Cucharski among others. Cool site.